Monday, July 08, 2013

Wow I didn't realize it had been a whole year since I was on here....
Since then Sept 2012 I dislocated my left shoulder and then in Dec I took a bad fall in my kitchen and broke both shoulders at the socket  and dislocated the right shoulder.  Which when all was said and done left my right should damaged...
I gained even more weight and was practically immobile unable to dress or care for myself was not a pretty thing and my health keep deteriorating to the point I couldn't hardly breath walking around my house so I finally went to a new doctor who bless his heart found several things wrong one I needed a full time inhaler not just the emergency kind  he changed out new meds for my thyroid and my heart meds. So now I feeling better starting to lose some of that nasty weight and can breath again...Started with the water therapy for the immovability and it's working already!  
So to the pics: EDM (stands for EveryDayMatters a drawing group on Yahoo) the first, since 2008, one is one that I quickly drew this morning after reading about just doing it pick up a pencil and draw something he suggested a foot so here is my Left Foot (without the whistling It was part of the just do it challenge...)  
The Cally Lille was a class project that I may have already posted but want to get back to doing again it is done on cloth and painted (with fabric paint)....

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy July Fourth

Sewing, crafting and having fun with my friend and grandchildren.  Tomorrow is the fourth of July and I'm wishing you all a great day!

I have another BOM from Craftsy that is done for the month of June and some other projects that I've finished from a couple of other groups that I belong to.
And I turned another year older and received this beautiful card from my sons family.

Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been sewing and reading lately.  My Brother Embroidery machine had a few problems so it's been in the shop being I decided to finish a few projects and am glad I did..  Organized my downloaded projects into a folder and now will be able to find them a little easier.
I made two cell phone cases (Windwoman designs) and am happy with them.  Finished my sewing machine matt that I started years ago, and have had a go at learning how to embroider on my Pfaff 7570 machine which I'd really never even used very much.  So these are the designs from the Card #1 which came with the machine....I don't have my cable or the software (which I learned won't work on this newer computer) for downloading designs from the internet.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Catching up 2012

Hello been a long time since I've posted anything I suffered with broken and dislocations of the shoulders and it's been a long time trying to heal....the Rt should still isn't...

Well since I posted last we've had a new addition to the family tree... Kari and Tommy have a beautiful baby boy Isaiah Jordan....They were here helping me through the healing time and just left to go back to Casa Grande AZ I'm already missing those sweet children and their parents.
I've been keeping myself as busy as I could with small sewing projects and reading a lot. I've found a couple of groups that I'm learning more on my embroidery machine and techinques...
ITH thats in the hoop projects here is an example of a couple of them...along with some quilt squares that I'm learning to do from Craftsy online class...
Easter Egg Coasters

Spring Pot holder

string bom

(bk lt.)wonkey pound sign, asktrick,  (ft lt.) chunky chevron, and Balkin Puzzel
working on a cloth doll right now also an ITH just need to put some hair on her and she'll be done.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Wedding Martin-Hillis

Our grandaughter Kari Kay was married in Sept to Tommie Hillis, and what a beautiful bride she made.... Their Son Mikey was their ring bearer.

They're expecting another son in March 2012...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Winds of Change

Wow we've had wind that's brought in alot of cold air and a dab of rain just enough too settle the dust.

Learned this morning of the passing of my step-grnmother Goldie Gulley last year Never a more wonderful sweet woman that always was very kind and loving to me.
She lived to be 96.
Along with her passing was Step-Aunt Betty also last year.

FYI.. Who was a hairdresser like my mother, myself and Mothers sister Aunt Alma and her daughter Leslee. My sister Jeannie also wanted to be a hair dresser but because of allergies had to withdraw from Beauty School but her daughter my niece Amanda is now a stylist and owner of a Hair Salon in CG AZ. The artistic flair is everywhere in the family gene's....LOL!

Not too much else going on right now just trying to get well after having had a horrible bout with a chest cold.

Oh Just got through reading the 5 books by CL Wilson " The Fading Lands". I loved them and hope that she will continue to write another book about these characters that shes created in the books.